European Game Developers Look Forward To Developing On PS4

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driveclub ps4 wheels

In a report from IGN, a survey was conducted by the GDC about future game development. A lot of European game developers are making games for the PS4.

The results of the survey are a bit skewed slightly because the survey was conducted before Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM change. Still for those that answered, 13% of those responded said they are developing a game on PS4. Only 9% are working on an Xbox One game and a measly 5% are working on a Wii U title.

They were asked what platform were they developing their next title on. Again, PS4 won the round with 23%. The Xbox One was only at 14% and the Wii U at 7%.

Over 66% said their next game will be released on mobile devices while 55% said they would release their next game on the PC.

It seems like the PS4 is the favorite console for game developers in Europe, although a lot of them are developing games on the PC and mobile devices too.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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