Hideo Kojima Praises Pacific Rim Movie

pacific rim hideo kojima

pacific rim hideo kojima

Although this isn’t totally video game related, it’s interesting to note how much praise Hideo Kojima has given to the Pacific Rim movie.

The Metal Gear Solid creator had a chance to see a preview screening of the film and praised it a lot. He sent out a lot of tweets about his thoughts on Pacific Rim, but one of them truly stood out.

“Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won’t watch this?”

Pacific Rim is a movie about huge robots battling monsters. The Metal Gear Solid series featured huge robots called “Metal Gears”. You can see why a person like Hideo Kojima will like a film like this.

There is supposed to be a Metal Gear Solid film currently in development so hopefully Hideo Kojima and the movie producers can draw inspiration from Pacific Rim. We would all like to see Metal Gear Solid be a kick-ass film and not a boring flop like most video game movies…

On a side note, Kanye West like the film too and tweeted it is now one of his favorite movies ever…

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