E3 2013: Defiance Will Not Charge Real Money for Race Changes, More Species Coming


MMOs tend to take up a bunch of time. That’s why it isn’t uncommon to become bored with the look of your character after spending countless hours controlling the avatar. Trion Worlds knows this and has stated that they will not charge real money if players wish to change their race.

You won’t have to dish out your hard earned money to try out the latest species, unlike Star Wars: The Old Republic’s recent upsetting stance on their Cathar race. In order to change the currently selected race, one needs to simply gain the appropriate amount of Scrip in order to purchase the token from a vendor. Bits will not be used for these types of transactions. Players should be pleased to know that they can alter their Ark Hunter as much as they’d like without draining their bank account. And it would seem that they may enticed to do so in the near future as Trion revealed that they are currently working on bringing other Votan species into Defiance, with Indogene currently high on their list, as playable characters.

Which species would you like to see added next following the Castithan?

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Josh Garibay

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