E3 2013: Defiance Castithan DLC Releasing “Before the End of Summer”


Trion Worlds was eager to show off their latest work on Defiance, primarily their upcoming Castithan DLC. The new race was fully playable, as were the new charge weaponry. They even briefly showed off the Castithan charge blade. And, let me tell you, it looks like quite a bit of fun. In addition, I got a chance to jump into the new 4-person Raptor vehicle. While it had no mounted weapons in its current state, I was told they would be added later, possibly post-launch. That extra firepower might come in handy when driving into the new Arkfalls featuring the gigantic mechs known as Dark Matter Monoliths.

So, when can you get your hands on this new content? According to the developer who walked me through the DLC, it is currently targeting a release date before the end of summer, but he was unable to pinpoint an exact date. The Castithan race and related storyline will be free for Season Pass holders. Furthermore, the Castithan will come with a race change token, allowing you to switch to the new species at no extra charge. All other players who do not have the Season Pass can still get in on the rest of the new content, such as the Raptor vehicle and new charge weaponry. Check back soon for more details as Trion Worlds nails down a specific release date.

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Josh Garibay

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