Xbox One Has November Release And Used Games Policy Changing?

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The Xbox One was unveiled yesterday but the reception for the console was not all that positive. Most of the negativity arose from the company’s stance on getting rid of used games.

In a Yahoo Chat with Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), it looks like Microsoft may change its stance on used games now until the Xbox One’s release later this year.

A fan asked: “Larry, could you please provide some more clarity as to how users will be able to play used games on the Xbox One?”

Hryb answered: “We are still months away from the launch of Xbox One & policy decisions are still being finalized.”

As you may have seen yourself, lots of other media outlets were reporting some radical things about the Xbox One and its policies regarding used games. The worst one was the fact that used games will cost the same as full priced retail games. Hopefully Microsoft can figure out a system that works so that both customers and game publishers are happy.

It’s also worth highlighting that Hyrb said “we are still six months away from the launch of Xbox One“. Since this is May, he suggests a late November release date for the console.

Update: Lots of online retailers in the UK have placed a November 30th release date for the console.

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