Trion Worlds Gives RIFT Players a Taste of Defiance

Trion Worlds Gives RIFT Players a Taste of Defiance


Trion World’s latest work, Defiance, already spans two pieces of media: the multiplatform MMO and the Syfy television show. That’s not enough for them, however. They’ve decided to cross-promote Defiance in another of their popular online offerings, RIFT.

If you’ve been venturing through the land of Telara, you may have noticed a new enemy invading. Defiance’s notorious Hellbugs have made their way into RIFT via new fire rifts titled “Invasive Species” and are posing a new threat for its inhabitants. Lacking the firepower found in Defiance, RIFT players will have to adopt new tactics when taking on these creatures. Come out of the battle victorious and you’ll be granted a Hellbug mount. You might even get lucky enough to land the rare Toxic Hellbug. That’s sure to turn a few heads.

A time limit on this special event has not been stated, so get out there and slay those Hellbugs quickly!

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Josh Garibay