God of War: Ascension Had A Budget Of $50 Million

god of war: ascension logo

god of war: ascension logo

Lead producer of God of War: Ascension Whitney Wade revealed to 20 Minuten that the game had a huge budget.

Wade said to the site that God of War: Ascension had a production budget of “a mid double-digit million amount”. This basically means the game would have cost around $50 million to produce.

This is not unexpected considering the cost of game development has risen over the years. Still, Sony might be a little disappointed by the number of sales the game earned during its first month on sale. God of War: Ascension only came in fourth in the sales charts in North America in March.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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    Looking for a guide book for the God of War: Ascension. I wood like to buy it.

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