Dragon Age: Origins – XBOX 360 Version Optimized for HDD Install

Just a quick note for the people who will be buying the XBOX 360 version of Dragon Age: Origins. Since the XBOX 360 has the option to dump the game’s data onto the hard drive, I highly suggest to do it on Dragon Age: Origins. Doing so will eliminate the annoying loading issue in between scenes (just a 3-5 seconds) and mostly the random stuttering of the graphics.

Dragon Age: Origins is a phenomenal game but we want everyone to have a great time with it! It’s good! We are still unsure if the PlayStation 3 version has any sort of installation. Once we find out, we will update this post.

Check back with us later this week for the review of the game.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Origins – XBOX 360 Version Optimized for HDD Install

  1. Or, if you have a sweet pc, like me, you can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played, on pc.

  2. exactly how is this done because i am unsure of how to install the data of the game on my hard drive. could you please send me some instructions at my e-mail adress. it would be awesome

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  4. Joseph, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, you install the game to your Xbox 360 hdd as follows:

    1. Insert your copy of “Dragon Age: Origins” into your Xbox 360 disc tray
    2. Select the “My Xbox” tab
    3. Press “Y” on the first icon of the tab, bringing up the “Game Details”
    4. Now select “Install to Hard Drive”
    5, Patiently wait for the installation to complete and enjoy

    Some of the titles may not be exact, for example “Game Details” may read “Game Options” or something similar, but the process should be accurate and the titles close enough. Good luck.

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