Dead Island: Riptide – Infinite XP/Cash Trick

Dead Island: Riptide – Infinite XP/Cash Trick


Much like its predecessor, Dead Island: Riptide has several exploits which allow players to quickly level, fill their wallets and load up their inventory with duplicated items. Earlier this week we showed you how to duplicate weapons. Now, we’re going to show you how to boost yourself to level 70 with an infinite XP technique. This method will also result in a continuous supply of money. Check out the steps below:

1. Activate and complete the side mission titled “Heavenly Gift” by talking to Chimamanda. After the mission has been turned in, you will receive the continous quest “Field Kitchen”, which asks you to bring Chimamanda canned food. This mission can be obtained once the Paradise Survival Camp has been cleared out.

2. Next you will need to locate Houston and begin his continous quest called “Kill the Pain”. As the name implies, he’s looking for a constant supply of painkillers.

3. Now you’ll actually have to play the game’s main story for a little bit. Continue until you reach the mission “Way of Science” given by Harlow. You’ll be tasked with going to the BioSphere and locating Dr. Kessler. Make your way to this location.

4. Upon arrival, speak with Kessler and complete any tasks he has for you. By doing so, you’ll unlock the BioSphere Laboratory as a fast travel location. You’ve set everything up, now it’s time to perform the exploit.

5. Fast travel to Mataka Village. Once you’re there, run straight past the door on your left and pick up the canned food on the table to the left of the large yellow and white umbrella. Turn around and head back to the door you passed (the one next to the fast travel) and go inside. Grab the canned food sitting on the table to the right in front of the yellow chair. Then make your way to the back of the room. The painkillers can be found on the bookshelf next to the two skulls.

6. Leave the building and activate the fast travel. Select Marik’s Marina. After loading into the area, turn right and follow the wooden deck around the house until you find an entrance (it’s on the opposite side from where you spawned). Walk inside and the first canned food will be on the right in front of a crate of fruit (not the type you can pick up). Make sure you’re prepared for the undead opposition in the next room. You can choose to fight or run past them. Head behind the bar and you’ll find the painkillers sitting on the small table with the fan and newspaper.

7. Fast travel back to BioSphere Laboratory to make all of the items respawn/reset. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as desired.

8. If you’re happy with your food and painkiller stash, fast travel back to Halai Village. Turn in your haul to Chimamanda and Houston for a massive boost in XP and cash.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your level 70 characters!

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Josh Garibay