Show your Love for Megaman with this Special 8 GB USB Stick


Recently the blue bomber has fallen on some rough times. With Megaman Legends 3 being announced and then canceled shortly after, Megman Online being canceled, plus bad boxart Megaman appearing in Street Fighter X Tekken, several gamers have thought Capcom has turned their back on the series. While we’re still waiting on a new MM game, Capcom has announced a special USB Stick in the shape of Megamans mega buster.

The item will run you $20 dollars, which isn’t too bad when compared to similar products, but it also comes with some bonus items too. On the thumbstick you’ll find a digital copy Megaman #1 – 4, Megaman X Complete Works, Megaman Tribute Artbook, link to download Street Fighter X MM, Soundtrack for SF X MM and finally some SF X MM designed wallpapers. In all and all this is a pretty good deal if you’re a fan or looking for a new thumbstick.

Unfortunately the item currently isn’t for sale, but is set to release sometime next week on Capcom Unity.

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