First Pokemon Scramble U Trailer Shows off Some Surprising Things

Pokemon Scramble U

After being announced a little while ago, Nintendo has released the first trailer for Pokemon Scramble U, which also reveals some interesting information. It seems that Pokemon Scramble U won’t just be another sequel, but Nintendo’s first NFC and or Nintendo’s answer to the Skylanders craze. While this isn’t that surprising, especially when you consider how well Pokemon lands itself to the concept, it’s surprisingly to see it in the form of scramble.

Since the trailer was first released, Nintendo has revealed the first batch of figures (pictured above). According to Serebii, the figures will come in either random capsule toy (like the game / for roughly $2 dollars) or via special events / circumstances. Not a whole lot else is known about the figures at the moment, but stay tuned to JustPushStart for more information as it arises.

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