The Walking Dead Wii U Ditches Australia

the walking dead wii u

the walking dead wii u

Australian (and New Zealand) gaming fans can celebrate that The Walking Dead video game is being released on consoles. Well, the PS3 and Xbox 360 but not the Wii U version.

Activision has decided not to release The Walking Dead’s Wii U version down under.

Activision announced the following regarding the situation:

“As with every game release, publishers decide which platforms to release based on customer demand. Unfortunately it wasn’t there for the Wii U sku on The Walking Dead.”

This isn’t uncommon in Australia as EA decided not to release Gamecube versions of games in the country due to low demand as well.

Still, this might suggest that the Wii U is selling poorly in Australia. It’s likely The Walking Dead Wii U version isn’t coming to New Zealand either since they usually ship them together for both countries.

Source: Vooks

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