Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – How to Defeat Sam

Unless you were a big fan of Monsoon, you’re probably going to hate Sam. It’s not that Sam is a particularly difficult boss to beat, but you will need to parry attacks / plan ahead to avoid being defeated. While there aren’t a lot of things to exploit, there are a few tricks to make him easier.

General Tips

  • When you see a blue outline around your screen, it’s your prompt to go blade mode.
  • Do not rush the quick blade events! Typically you’ll have more than enough time to do them, plus rushing them can result in you wasting time / taking damage.
  • Don’t get greedy. Several bosses will take FAR less damage if you don’t attack them at the right time, so you’re really just putting yourself in harms way.

General Boss Tips

  • Wooden boxes hold healing items.
  • You can knock the sword out of Sam’s hand, but it doesn’t exactly make him easier to deal with. I generally suggest avoiding it, unless you’re desperate.
  • Distance will only result in Sam rushing you. Try to keep at midrange to prevent getting rushed.
  • Avoid attacking Sam blindly. He has plenty of openings after he attacks, so try to limit your attacks to that.
  • EMP grenades / purple charged Sai can stun Sam, but he will typically parry after being hit once. Spamming EMP grenades will stop working on him, though they’re useful if you need a second to breathe / do something.

How to Defeat Jetstream Sam

Contrary to virtually every other boss in the game, Jetstream Sam has only one phase. As mentioned above, you can knock the sword out of his hands at times, but he will pick it up via a cut scene shortly after. Since there isn’t a lot of depth to Sam, I suggest learning what his moves mean. Similar to every other boss in the game, Sam makes it perfectly clear what move is he going to do, you just need to know how to block it (can be hard). Thankfully you can parry every move Sam throws at you, except when he has his sword over the shoulder. This is an unblockable move, which MUST be dodged.

Outside of learning his moves, I suggest figuring out what works for you. Up close will typically have longer moves, but they’re quite slow. On the other hand, distance will have less moves, but you have a much smaller window to dodge / parry his moves. Also keep in mind that you can stun him with EMP’s / the sai, which can occasionally save you from taking damage. Sam shouldn’t give you too many problems, but if you find yourself losing a lot, try playing it safe over getting the most of his moves.


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  1. Tenk
    November 21, 2014, 4:48 AM

    Info is false. Sai does not stun.

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  2. JPS Writer
    November 22, 2014, 8:25 PM

    @ Tenk

    It does, but you have to wait until it glows purple for the stun effect.

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