Tales of Xillia Guide – Fezebel Marsh (Sub-Event)

Tales of Xillia Guide – Fezebel Marsh (Sub-Event)

Love Fevered Vision

Tales of Xillia - Fezebel Marsh - Love Fevered

When to do it: After being able to travel between Rieze Maxia and Elympios
Reward for Completion: None
How to Trigger: Fast travel to Fezebel Marsh from Arklund Quag to trigger the cutscene (refer to the screenshot above).
Objective: Watch the cutscene

Part 2/3 – Go back to Trigleph in Elympios and talk to the girl in the middle of the shopping district

Tales of Xillia - Trigleph - Love

Part 3/3 – Go to Driselle’s mansion in Sharilton to finish the sub-event

Tales of Xillia - Sharilton - Love

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