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Good: Brilliant Visuals and Presentation, Take the Predator's Bow and Hunt, Your Way to Play, Multiplayer is Fun but Very Familiar
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Following the successful release of Crysis 2 several years ago, the third installment of the series is finally here, giving fans an entirely new style of gameplay with beautiful graphics in a new open setting. Improving the elements that made Crysis a successful shooter franchise and a robust multiplayer experience, does Crysis 3 have what it takes to please its fans?

Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Crysis 3.


Brilliant Visuals and Presentation
When it comes to games like Crysis, fans expect to see top notch visuals, especially on the PC version of the game. Using the same engine that Crytek used for the second Crysis game, the visuals of Crysis 3 are eye-popping. Those who play the PC version will, of course, see the best graphics the game has to offer, but console owners will not be left out as the game still shows its beautiful side. Throughout the campaign, players will be venturing through many different locales that demonstrate exceptional visual design, which includes improved facial animations. As for its soundtrack, the melodramatic tunes will be there to develop an appropriate atmosphere while playing the game.

Taking place over two decades after the events of the second Crysis game, the once busy streets of New York city have been changed completely. This time, everything has been turned into a hunting ground, turning everything you see into a jungle filled with lush trees and tall grass. Incorporating urban areas with a mix of a jungle elements, the visuals in Crysis 3 will impress fans and even newcomers alike.

Take the Predator’s Bow and Hunt
One of the newest additions that long time fans can look forward to in Crysis 3 is the inclusion of the Predator Bow. To make Prophet more of a lethal soldier and a hunter, the Predator Bow is there to give him the power he needs to take down enemies. Utilizing the stealthy nano suit with the Predator Bow makes Prophet a deadlier super soldier, as every shot of the Predator Bow is lethal. The great thing about the Predator Bow is that it maintains the silent stealth approach when used with the nanosuits cloaking technology.

Your Way to Play
Similar to other Crysis games, the third game still offers various play options; either go rambo or silently kill all your enemies. Which one you choose makes no different, but as always being stealthy feels more rewarding than taking the guns blazing approach. If you are a gamer that prefers a stealthy approach, you will find the Predator Bow your weapon of choice. In an open-world like the one in Crysis 3, how you want to tackle your mission is entirely up to you, giving you freedom in how you want to play your game. With the nanosuit in your arsenal and other explosive weapons, you have everything that you need to make Prophet’s last adventure a memorable one.

In addition to the way you play the game, there are other things that have been added in the game. Using your nanosuit’s visor can now mark targets. If you prefer to take down your enemies quietly, knowing the locations of the enemy will be beneficial and that is only possible with the visor. Another thing that you can do in Crysis 3 is hack turrets. By using the visor, you can look for a turret or a door that can be hacked. The process of hacking is easy, simply press a button at the right time and, if successful, you can use it against your enemies.

Multiplayer is Fun but Very Familiar
Nothing has changed much when it comes to the multiplayer portion of Crysis 3. The same old modes are back in the game such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, domination and deathmatch. The only thing that makes the multiplayer portion of Crysis 3 more fun are the abilities that you can use through the nanosuit like super jumps, cloaking, armor and air stomps in many well designed levels. As for the loadouts and the leveling system, they are back in the game and fans who are seeking challenges can participate in the daily challenges. Compared to other first person shooter games, there’s not a lot of things that Crysis 3’s multiplayer can offer that you will not find in other first person shooter games.

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