Fighting For A Cause: Daigo Hosting Charity Street Fighter Tournament, Streaming Live Right Now

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, of Street Fighter fame, is teaming up with TAITO STATION to help host a number of charity events across Japan. The first event was last month (January 19) and these events are expected to happen monthly through May 18. These events are all a part of  “UMEHARA x TAITO STATION Special Charity Event BATTLE TOUR 2013“ Each even is featuring a 50-man tournament of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (2012) as well as a chat session with Umehara himself.

Each of the events will be streamed on the Taito Ustream channel. Watchers can also be able donate towards the cause directly through a fundraiser on the Ustream channel. All entry fees and donations will go to towards the Tokyo Council of Social Welfare’s Tokyo Zen-i Bank. The event schedule is listed below. 1PM JST is approxmiately 8PM PST the day prior (February 15 at 8PM PST equals February 16 at 1PM JST)

Saturday, January 18 at 1PM JST – TAITO STATION Sapporo Tanuki Kouji

Saturday, February 16 at 1PM JST – TAITO STATION Sendai Nakakechou

Saturday, March 16 at 1PM JST – TAITO STATION Osaka Nihonbashi

Saturday, April 20 at 1PM JST – TAITO STATION Hiroshima Hondoori

Saturday, May 18 at 1PM JST – TAITO STATION Fukuoka Tenjin


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