Far Cry 3 High Tides DLC Announced, PS3 Exclusive

Far Cry 3 was just released today and Ubisoft has already lifted the veil on their first piece of DLC for the game. High Tides, as the add-on content is called, will complete the cooperative story surrounding Leonard, Tisha, Mikhail and Callum. It picks up right after the sixth, and final, co-op mission with two new missions titled “Jailbreak” and “Redemption”.

We’ve got new missions, tougher fights, bigger competitions, some great up-close time with your favourite characters, and explosive moments unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The bigger portion of the announcement is that High Tides will come exclusively to the PlayStation 3 in January for free. As is often the case nowadays, this could mean that the content is only a timed exclusive, but we can’t say for sure at the moment. Check back later for more details as they become available.

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Josh Garibay

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