Rumor: Next Gen PlayStation Named Orbis; Details Revealed

Rumours have been flooding the internet in recent months and especially today about the next generation console from Sony. So here is the ‘information’ that has so far been leaked.

To kick things off the name. Sources suggest that the console will not be the PlayStation 4 or the Next Gen PlayStation but in fact will be called Orbis. Now I’m not sure what to read into the name itself but interestingly there is a Sony website with Orbis in the address: this is SCEDev - This of course may just be as many have pointed out a working codename.

As many developers have started to recruit for the next generation of consoles it is safe to predict that next year we will at least hear something about the console if not see the release of the console. Previous leaks have also ‘revealed’ that some developers have had developer kits for the console for a good few months now.

Recently it was speculated that AMD would be providing the main parts for the console with a AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU under the hood capable of displaying the new 4K images. That if true will make it expensive but also one hell of a piece of tech. The console will also apparently still have a Blu-Ray disc drive.

Finally sources say that games will be account locked like online passes with more games being downloaded rather than just Blu-Rays. This will be the anti-used policy both the next PlayStation and the next Xbox uses.

Bear in mind these are rumours. However with the website address, no-one from Sony saying anything past ‘we don’t comment on rumours’ and the way the Orbis sounds awesome let’s hope at least some of it is true!

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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer

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  1. Curious Mew
    March 30, 2012, 11:13 AM

    looks like a Roomba on a stand

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