Prototype 2 Will Not Be Getting a Demo

Prototype 2 Will Not Be Getting a Demo

Radical Entertainment has stated that Prototype 2 will not be receiving a pre-launch (or post-launch for that matter) demo. This news came forth as Radical Entertainment answered a question present by one of their fans.

John Boyle tweeted the following:

@Radical_Ent hey guys… tell me…WHERE’S THE DEMO???? Any platform!!!!! Bring it!!!!

Here is Radical Entertainment’s reply:

@john1451 No demo – the game is just too big to share 1 tiny chunk. April 24th is just around the corner though, have you pre-ordered?

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since the first Prototype didn’t receive a demo either. The closest thing to a demo is the 60 minute Full Game Trial available to PlayStation Plus members, and even that was released over a year after the game’s retail debut.

Prototype 2 will be available April 24th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Josh Garibay

  • killer whale

    u say game is to large to bring it on demo? fine then,if i finish prototype 2 story missions in 2 days im gonna be fuking pissed at radical entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Killer whale,

    Firstly don’t be so stubborn or dont get [PROTOTYPE] 2.

    It dosn’t mean the story missions alone; there are side-quests, events, hideouts and a whole other stuff left for surprise till April 24.

    Now if your still not satisfied then dont buy the game or cancel your pre order if you have one (more chance of RADNET Edition for me) then go to your room and cry on your bed like the wipped pussy you are (only if your not satisfied) and then ask yourself: “ME MAD?”

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  • Khale Willer

    Please refrain from insulting others. Killer Whale brings up a good point. Several open world games have had demos, and as such I don’t see what legitimate reason Prototype 2 has for not providing a demo.

    As for the second part of your reply, Whale does indeed express a desire to play the game, but how would he know whether he should cancel or not without a demo or actually playing through the game? And RADNET is for all pre-orders and the first batch of released games so his pre-order or not will not affect you.

    Not having a demo is a legitimate reason for disappointment. And just because some aren’t satisfied with a game does not mean that they are a “pussy.” Honestly, please don’t be so abrasive; not everyone will enjoy what you do and that is no reason to bully them.

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