Mass Effect: Infiltrator Dated

EA has given Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and iOS spin-off of Mass Effect 3, a release date of March. It has also been stated that a version for Android phones is on the way, but it is unknown when it will hit. EA released this statement alongside some screens of the game:

“Mass Effect Infiltrator is a fully featured interpretation of Bioware’s premier science fiction universe. Players take on the role of our protagonist, Randall Ezno, a Cerberus agent who becomes disillusioned with the organization he works for, eventually turning into one of their fiercest enemies as he uncovers the depths that Cerberus will plumb to achieve their despicable goals. Along the way the player gathers important Intel that will be shared with the Alliance to help sway the final confrontation in Mass Effect 3 through the Galaxy @ War system.”

Some key features of the game include the use of touch controls as well as the ability to impact your Mass Effect 3 game. You can gather intel to upload to your Galaxy at War and boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. This will ultimately improve your chances in the final battle of Mass Effect 3 and help you earn the best ending possible. Be sure to pick up your copy of Mass Effect 3 tomorrow!

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Richard Subia

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