Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Loses Cross-Play Feature

It seems that Valve has decided that cross play for CS: GO between the Mac, PC and PS3 versions was not a good idea. Valve decided to strip the feature in order to provide constant updates for the PC and Mac versions. It seems that the PS3 version is left high and dry. According to Valve’s Chet Faliszek in an interview with Joystiq:

“The beta has proved we want to update not just the beta, but the game itself post-launch frequently on the PC. To do that we need to separate the platforms so one doesn’t hamstring the other. So for that, we have removed the idea of cross-platform play — essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them.”

Hopefully they add something in to the other versions to make up for the removal of the cross-play feature. It is a shame that they removed it seeing as it would have been fun to face players from the various communities. What are your thoughts? Do you think Valve made the right decision?

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Richard Subia

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