Dead or Alive 5 Roster Leaked

Dead or Alive 5 Roster Leaked

Remember when those hackers found several hidden/locked characters on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc? Now, similarly-skilled people have found files in the Dead or Alive 5 demo that list 25 characters. If this list turns out to be legitimate, then it looks like a few Virtua Fighter characters will be joining the latest DOA installment.

Here’s the list of uncovered characters:

  • Pai
  • Sarah
  • Akira
  • Mila
  • Rig
  • Bayman
  • Hitomi
  • Christie
  • Brad
  • Lisa
  • Eliot
  • Ayane
  • Leifang
  • Hayate
  • Kokoro
  • Bass
  • Leon
  • Helena
  • Genfu
  • Kasumi
  • Hayabusa
  • Jannlee
  • Tina
  • Zack
  • Alpha152

    Also, it was revealed that nearly every one of the characters listed will have six total costumes. Dead or Alive 5 is scheduled to release this year (GameStop has a placeholder date of 9/25) on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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    Josh Garibay