Gears of War 3: COG Tags, Collectibles Location Guide

Gears of War 3: COG Tags, Collectibles Location Guide

Similar to the two Gears of War games, there will be collectibles to collect in each of the chapters.

In Gears of War 3, there are a total of 57 collectibles in the game throughout the five acts. While some of them are easy to find, there are hard ones as well. For those aiming for 100% completion on the collectibles, we’re here to help you out.

Below is our guide for all the COG tags and Collectibles in the game. Have fun and enjoy!

The guide is missing several entries. We will have it up by the time the game comes out on September 20th. Please don’t steal the pictures we captured. Thanks.

COG TAGS Location


Location: Right after you get out of the cell, head to the next one beside you. Open the closed cell and the first COG tag should be lying there.

Act 1 Chapter 1: Anchored

Location: After taking out all of the Lamberts on the deck, find the metal crate with the Gears of War logo. Look up for a dead soldier hanging its head. Get the COG tag from him.

Act 1 Chapter 3: Homecoming

Location: Look for the COG logo at the end of the Grocery area. Before using the Loader Machine, head over inside a small place. Get the COG tag near the computer desk.

Act 1 Chapter 4: Helping Hand

Location: The COG Tag for Chapter 4 can be located right after you get out of the Camp’s warehouse and you’re heading into the Stadium. Look for the COG logo on the bricked wall and the COG tag is lying on a dead man near the far right end of the area.

Act 1 Chapter 6: Helping Hand


Act 2 Chapter 1: Shipwreck

Location: As you are fighting the Locust and the Brumak at the beach where Chairman Prescott is, look beside where he’s lying down and the COG tag should be there behind the cargo.

Act 2 Chapter 3: Forced Entry


Act 2 Chapter 6: Airborne

Location: Once you killed the four reapers in Dizzy’s fort, head over to the area across the street. You’ll see a destroyed building on the second floor. Get to it and find the COG Tag.

Act 3 Chapter 2: Rescue

Location: Along with the Journal, the COG tag for this chapter is located near the gate on the floor. Watch out for the Lambent’s attack while trying to track it down.

Act 3 Chapter 4: Ghost Town

Location: As you try and track down the crazy guy, you’ll come across a Fresh Meat stand. At the backroom, you’ll see a COG logo. Go outside the Fresh Meat stand and you’ll see the COG Tags covered in blood.

Act 4 Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes

Location: While you’re chasing the Ash Man, he’ll drop a container full of Polyps. Once you killed these Polyps, Sam will suggest you to check out and enter the building. Before doing so, there’s a COG on the far left building. The COG Tag is lying beside a dead soldier.

Act 4 Chapter 5: Bon Voyage

Location: Before heading to the Dockyard, lookout for the COG Logo in one of the cargoes to your right side. The best way to look for the COG logo is by going through the ship in the middle and look to your right. Once you located the COG logo, the dog tag is located just behind it.

Act 5 Chapter 2: Black Out


Act 5 Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise


Act 5 Chapter 5: Ascension

Location: Once you escape from Queen Myrah, you’ll on your way to find Adam Fenix. To your right is an a dead end area where the video game machines are. In there, you will see the COG symbol and right behind those wooden crates is the COG Tag.


Chapter 1: Anchored

Twenty Dollar Bill

Location: Once Marcus is up, look for the first collectible on the table. It’s on the room where you start the chapter.

Dom’s Psych Report

Location: Before going to Dom’s quarters, head to the room to your left. Pick up Dom’s Psych Report on the table.

Requisition Form

Location: On a room just past where you found Dom, head inside and the last collectible is lying on the table.

Chapter 2: Abandoned Ship

Silverback Manual

Location: Just before you ride the Silverback, make sure you pick up the manual to the left.

Chapter 3: Homecoming


Location: When the guy asks you to go into the light, head left and kick the door to open it. A journal will be there lying near the dead man.

Child’s Diary

Location: At the playground, head over to the area where there is a slide. Make sure you clear out the area first before attempting to get the Child’s Diary.

Grocery List

Location:Inside the Grocery, when the gang says something about the Polyps, head over to your right where the cash registers are. Go to the far right and the grocery shopping list should be at the end.

Chapter 4: Helping Hand

Clipping Times Tribune

Location:After getting past through the Camp’s warehouse with the leader of the Stranded, look behind the cargo hold and the Clipping Times Tribune will be inside the cargo hold. You’ll know that you’re outside when you get to use your gun.

Chapter 5: MVP

Cougar Season Program

Location:As soon as you walk into the Cougar Stadium, you will have to choose whether or not you want to take the Upper or Lower level. Pick Upper Level. Go all the way straight and to your right is a shop with a lot of umbrellas. Go behind the counter and the Cougar Season Program magazine is lying beside the Umbrella. Be sure that you clear the area first before attempting to get the magazine.

Cougar’s Playing Handbook

Location:Once the lobby is clear, you can now enter the South Gate. Before going to SEC T, which is marked on top of the gate, head over to the vending machine to your right and get the Cougar’s Playing Handbook.

Cole’s Championship Ring

Location:Right after the scene where Cole pretends that he’s a football player, get the case for his Championship Ring that is lying beside the dead woman. Get it before leaving the stadium!

Chapter 6: Hanging By a Thread

Toll Booth Tokens

Location: Clear the area first and get the Toll Booth Tokens just north east of the Toll Booth around the corners. You’ll know that you’re in the Toll Booth when there are Locust Snipers on top of the area.


Location: After passing through the Toll Booth area, look for a cargo hold with a wooden crate box inside. Destroy it and the Bayonet will be there.

Sightseeing Book

Location: After taking down the Gas Burge and going through the tunnels, use the ladder to go up where the Tickers are. When you reach the area where you have the full view of the Leviathan, head to your right and the Sightseeing Book should be lying there.


Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

Tomatoes A Beginners Guide

Location: As soon as you start Chapter 1, you’ll see an orange cargo hold in front of you. Head inside and you’ll find the first collectible for Act 2.

Octus Medal Diploma

Location: After getting through the first wave of enemies, head to the next area where you’ll see a downed chopper to the right where it’s covered by cargoes. Take down the enemies first and you’ll see the Octus Medal Diploma just beside the burning chopper.

Captain’s Log


Chapter 4: Trench Run

Locust Hammer

Location: At the end of the Trench where you will have to go uphill, look for the Locust Hammer behind the crates.

Chapter 5: Hi-Jack

Queen Symbol


Chapter 6: Airborne


Location: As you are fighting the Reapers, head to west from exiting Dizzy’s fort and you should find a twenty-wheeler truck. Beside it is the Manifest.


Chapter 1: Unbreakable

Anvil Gate Plague

Location: After the lengthy cutscene, you’ll be on Act III. Once the cutscene is over, find the plaque behind you. It’s posted on the wall.

Watercooling Painting


Sam’s Father’s Medal


Chapter 2: Rescue


Location: When fighting the Lambent Berserker, get the Journal that is lying in the shack that is located in the middle. The journal is around the ammunition.

Chapter 4: Ghost Town

Panicked Note

Location: After meeting the crazy guy, head down the stairs you see in front of you and get the Panicked Note to your right. It’s lying on the floor.

Chapter 5: Brothers to End



Air Raid Shelter Sign

Location: Once you exit inside the Church, you’ll find yourself in an area with a dried Stalk full of Immulsion. Head to your left and the Air Raid Shelter Sign is there on the wooden post.


Chapter 2: Crater


Location: At the beginning of the chapter, look for a wooden door. Kick it open and the journal is there lying on the ground.

Chapter 3: Hang ‘Em High

Fuel Order

Location: At the top of the Refinery, you’ll find that the cable car isn’t working and it’s your job to find a way to fix it. Ignore that building you’re supposed to enter but instead, take the north east part and you’ll see a dead where the Fuel Order is lying on the ground.

Old Magazine

Location: When you’re on your way to save Dizzy in the Griffin’s Tower, keep on a lookout for a building where it’s burning and guns are scattered near a sofa. Under that sofa is an Old Magazine.

Chapter 4: Batten Down the Hatches


Location: As you head to the second sub-hangar, you’ll encounter a wave of enemies including a centipede that is infected by Imulsion. Clear out the area and head to the right where there are cargoes. The Tabloid is lying on the floor behind the cargoes.

Chapter 5: Bon Voyage


Location: Once you clear the area where the Rotor is located, head down where you can see a small room where you can enter. As you enter the area, you’ll see the Bulletin lying down on the floor.

Contractor Report

Location: When you are escorting the sub to the dock, make sure that you pick up the Contractor Report on the second floor of the second door storage you’ll enter.

ACT 5 Collectibles

Chapter 1: Home Away From Home



Assault Plans

Location: As you find a way towards the Maelstrom Facility, you’ll come across a cave. With your Silverback, look for an area inside the cave where there’s a rails. Use the Silverback to kick it and the Assault Plan is lying on the ground.

Chapter 2: Black Out



Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise

Money Stack



Location: After the dam has been destroyed, you’ll enter another area of the hotel. Go up and look for the diary on the table.

Chapter 4: Threshold

Memorial Announcement

Location: At the beginning of the chapter, look for the statue head of a girl that is in middle. It’s hard to miss.



Chapter 5: Ascension


Location: After getting of the elevator, head down to the lower floor and you will find the brochure lying around in the north west corner of the area.

Fenix Research

Location: After rescuing Adam Fenix, simply get the report beside you that is on the table.

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