FIFA 14 (PS3/Xbox 360) Review

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FIFA 14 is the highly anticipated next installment in the football title from EA Sports. The long running franchise is back to captivate football fans around the world and once again, make them obsess over securing the biggest names and best players for their squads over various game modes. As the next generation of consoles is just around the corner, EA have to pull out all the stops to make gamers pay for the current generation versions. Have they done enough?

Let’s find out and kick off the HOTs and NOTs


Despite not yet being a next gen title, FIFA 14 has once again managed to improve on the presentation side of the game. The new in-game menu keeps the user interface clean and simple whilst offering more information about players’ fitness from only a quick glance. Players look more lifelike with visuals and animations to give unique styles to individuals when running, shooting and celebrating. This is an upgrade from previous installments as new animations have been added resulting in more footballers acting as they do in real life.

FIFA titles have always had an interesting and rather unique music score to go alongside the menus and loading screens and FIFA 14 is no different. The tracks are upbeat and are well picked to suit the ‘please everyone’ category. None offer anything that can be classed as painful for your ears and some would argue occasionally they blend into the background but certainly a few are enjoyable to listen to and I’m sure many will be singing along in good time.

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The commentary team has yet to make some of the annoying
blunders they have in FIFA 13; such as strikers being referred to as defenders when clearing a ball from near the half way line. While I won’t rule out such errors as they usually only surface with time, there are some decent stories and titbits between the regular commentaries to keep things interesting. All in all, an impressive job has been done providing a flowing ongoing conversation between commentators to complete the watching football on TV styled presentation.

Quicker Gameplay
This has slightly divided FIFA players but I am firmly on the positive side of the fence. With faster gameplay, counterattacks are more deadly than ever as within seconds, and a few perfectly placed passes, you can get the ball from your penalty area to a goal scoring opportunity just like in real life. As controlling the ball, especially when turning, is slightly harder in FIFA 14 it gives players that split second to poach the ball. This creates a match with a higher tempo and provides plenty more edge-of-the-seat action than ever before. Just like in real football matches, a 1-0 lead is never safe as one godly move can see an opponent getting that all important equalizer.

Improvement of First Touch
Initially, last year it seemed that the newly added feature First Touch Control would drastically change the way teams had to be created. However, it hardly effected the best teams to an extent it wasn’t overly noticeable. With the loose control players have this year, footballers such as Messi come into their own. Unlike many, the ball sticks to his feet enabling players to make distinctive darting runs through the center of defenses. When the ball is passed to someone of lesser quality, the ball bounces away from his feet when receiving the ball and then whilst running with it. This time around it feels correct and lifelike, presenting what should have been included when the touch control feature was originally added.

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FIFA 14 (PS3/Xbox 360) Review, 6.6 out of 10 based on 30 ratings
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  1. Langerz
    October 7, 2013, 4:13 PM

    Who Evers reviewing this game have you actually played it? This is by far the worst FIFA game ever. The gameplay is slower, first touch is atrocious, you can’t take players on no more etc etc. all the fun out this game has gone, I’m a hard core fan and a pretty good player but this years so bad I’m having to buy pes cos pes in fact is a better game sim then this. You can’t win headers in the box when defending! When you think your 1-1 with keeper the cbs somehow become as quick as ronaldo and catch you up, first touch well I’m sorry takes the biscuit, shooting is too easy and the overall look of the game is bad. FIFA 13 is head and shoulders above this, what ea need to is go back a few steps and stop taking the game out of the game

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  2. Adabie
    October 8, 2013, 3:58 AM

    Seriously the FIFA 14 is not that great, players are slow to dribble and pass, the FIFA 13 is better

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  3. Oliver East
    October 8, 2013, 4:46 AM

    From the games played average players feel faster resulting in overall speedier gameplay and I’ve been able to take on players not the whole team, quite realistically, like before but still 3/4 players.

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  4. The Lube
    October 8, 2013, 10:40 AM

    So, how much did EA pay you to write such drivel…You’ve obviously not played the game because if you had, you’d know just how terrible the 1st touch is, and just how slow the gameplay is. Don’t even get me started on the defending…rubbish game

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