Last Rebellion Hands-On Impression

Last Rebellion is one of the many highly anticipated RPG titles to be released on the PlayStation 3 ever since NIS America announced its localization here in North America last year. When it comes to Japanese RPG games, we all know NIS America always does its job in giving us the pleasure of playing AAA RPG games. We’ve seen and played Disgaea, Ar Tonelico, and Atelier games; all of them are great RPGs! Now, with almost three weeks left before Last Rebellion’s release, I now have the game in my possession and have played a couple hours of it already.

The game starts off with the prologue, foretelling the story of two gods; Formival, the god who grants souls and gives new birth of all people and Meiktilia, the god of death who takes the souls of people. One day, the balance was upset as too many souls were revived by the reckless actions of Formival, and the world descended into Chaos. Two organizations were built; Blades, the one who receives the god’s blessing to take life and the Sealers, the one who receives the power to seal away wandering souls. Nine, one of the members of the Blade and the son of the King, was brought upon a challenge by his father himself. Just to test his son’s skills, he resurrected the dead bodies of an ogre using the power of Formival. After his training, the twists start to show leading into the exciting story.

One of the main highlights in Last Rebellion is the battle system. With its unique combo system, you can do massive damages to an enemy if you hit the right body parts. Before launching an attack, you will be given a choice as to which body parts you want to attack. Using your Chain Points (CP), you can attack your enemies as many times as you see fit. Yes, it sure sounds strong but to make it even more impressive, if you get the right pattern you will instantly double the damage you hit with your enemies.

Another aspect that I found interesting during my play through of the game is the visuals. The cutscenes are shown in a one-on-one character portrait conversations; it is similar to the cut scenes of Disgaea 3. Akaya Kato, the illustrator of the game’s art has done a good job so far in making the characters of this game look fantastic. It is colorful and the character portrait resembles that of a pastel painting.

Last Rebellion offers fully voiced cutscenes. The voice overs sound decent but there are times it can get a little off the mark. Since I’m only at the beginning of the game, it’s hard for me to pass judgment into it just yet. You will hear some familiar voices of the characters from past NISA games, for example the narrator is the same one used in the Disgaea games.

As for the how the game works, I haven’t been into any towns (I wish there’s one) but from the looks of it, this is like a dungeon crawler game. Hopefully I’m wrong, because I love exploring towns and talking to people but so far, I have only been in a part where you are in a castle that looks like a dungeon.

There is so much in Last Rebellion that I have left to explore and I can’t wait to fully dig in. The game thus far has given me mixed emotions but hopefully all will turn out good as I spend more hours into the game. Check out our review pretty soon. Last Rebellion will be released in stores on February 23 2010.

Last Rebellion Hands-On Impression, 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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Mark Fajardo