EPOS Revealed Their Latest High-Performance Headset, H6PRO

Following the announcement of H3 Hybrid, EPOS revealed a new headset designed with the hardcore player in mind.

What makes this flagship interesting is EPOS made two distinct versions. For those who prefer a more isolated sound or want less external noise, there is the closed acoustic headset design. However, if you prefer a more open sound, they also come in a more stylish open acoustic headset design. This allows players the option to go with the more traditional closed design, or opt for the freeing open design.

Beyond this, EPOS describes some of the more notable features as follows:

Nonstop comfort for long-wear gaming 

Extended gaming sessions call for exceptional comfort, and the closed acoustic version of H6PRO pulls out all the stops: a lightweight build, a redesigned headband with improved padding, hinged ear cups, and memory foam ear pads..

Noise-dampening closed acoustic design

Ambient noise is no match for the H6PRO. This headset’s closed-back ear cups keep environmental distractions out, so you can sharpen your competitive edge by focusing on every audio detail.

Detachable lift-to-mute microphone 

Raise the H6PRO’s microphone to instantly take yourself off the air. This headset’s magnetic boom arm – positioned for optimal voice pickup – can easily be removed and replaced with a sleek cover plate if you’re using an external microphone.

Compatible with all major platforms 

Inside the H6PRO box, you’ll find exchangeable cables for PC, Mac®, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can also pair this headset with a variety of EPOS sound cards to further enhance your gaming audio


In addition to this, H6Pro features a number of other delightful changes. These include the magnetic mic found on the aforementioned H3 Hybrid, lightweight design, signature EPOS sound and premium components. It makes for a sleek package that pairs perfectly with their GSX 300 sound card.

Those interested will be able to pick up H6PRO from EPOS starting today. It will run $179 and comes in Sebring Black, Racing Green and Ghost White.