EA Sports UFC 4 10.0 Update Patch Notes Arrive

EA has now released a new update for EA Sports UFC 4 which includes new fighters and more.

The new fighters coming to EA Sports UFC 4 are Bantamweight Rob Font and Ciryl Gane who is a Heavyweight.

A lot of changes have also been made to the game in terms of community feedback so the devs are listening to the gamers.

You can look at the full patch notes below.

Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters, Rob Font and Ciryl Gane
  • Venum gear has replaced the previous Reebok gear
  • Fight kits can now be selected during Fighter selection
  • Daniel Cormier has been updated to Legend and 5 stars Overall in Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight

Community Feedback:

  • Fixed inconsistency in major back lunges for Cruz and Dillashaw
  • Significantly increased denial window to Cage Back Clinch Back Drive
    • This takedown was quite fast, considering it leads to back sitting which is a dominant position. It was often working as a shortcut to the powerful Rear Naked Choke. This nerf to the takedown should make the choke considerably harder to access, specifically because nerfing the back drive also indirectly nerfs the mix up with the backpack.Unlike high-low mix ups that involve throws, this back drive/backpack mix up does not have an anti-fuzzy-guard mechanic. This means a skilled defender can hold high block in case the attacker attempts a backpack, then switch to low block and still defend the back drag in time. This doesn’t take the defender completely out of the woods, because there might still be a follow up turn to defend. However, these turns lead only to side control and can generally be at least scrambled on reaction.It is also important to remember that when the back drive is initiated, the defender should let go of the left stick ASAP if they were walking to escape from the cage back clinch. Otherwise, the left stick input will be interpreted as an attempt to defend a turn and can lead to the success of the back drag.Finally, also consider that although the back drag/backpack is being nerfed heavily, the regular bodylock throws from the cage back clinch benefit from the anti-fuzzy-guard logic. This means that if the defender is camping on high block as part of the Option Select strategy of defending the back drive/back drag mix up, the attacker can use a regular body lock throw and possibly succeed because the defender was holding high block. This should give these throws a nice new niche as they used to be underwhelming.
  • Increased recoveries for the Advancing Slipping Rear Hook
    • The slipping hook has been a major complaint from the community for a while. We finally managed to nerf it, by increasing all of its recoveries. This means they can no longer be performed in very quick succession. Furthermore, the special counter from a block to a lead hook works consistently against it, now there is no time to block it or slip it.
  • Fixed bad state in Over Under strikes against the submissive trip
  • Fixed mirroring issue in the Over Under breaking knee
    • The submissive fighter’s stance no longer warps after the separation.
  • Jake Matthews likeness updated

EA Sports UFC 4 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One.