Fury Unleashed – Five Tips to Unleash the Fury

The hardest part of dynamic games like Fury Unleashed is preventing yourself from getting stuck. Thankfully, good tactics and smart plays can actually make you a good enough player to win. With this in mind, here are some basic tips to make this adventure a lot easier.

Just Play on Easy

Since most of the difficulty in Fury Unleashed stems from a lack of levels, you can actually overcome the hardest part by simply playing on easy. Not only does it seemingly give the same approximate amount of experience, you can further decrease the difficulty to make it easier to combo and ultimately gain experience.

Build Around Combos

Not only do combos give you more experience and score, every five kills in a row without taking damage allows you a free hit. You can stack up to three of these and the nice thing is that it doesn’t even prevent you from flawlessly defeating a boss or have a damage cap. Naturally, this makes things far more manageable.

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Don’t Attack Every Enemy

Unless you absolutely need to maintain your combo or want to maximize every possible point, most annoying enemies can be ignored and it will have little to no impact on your run. Considering most damage comes from bad locations or too many fights, this could be the difference between failing like usual and getting a new record.

Pick Weapons that Are Useful in Different Situations

As useful as your favorite weapons might be, the best tactic is often to pick different weapons that help you at different ranges or situations. This is usually the trick to some of the hardest sections, as a shotgun or sniper can bring the difficulty down to nothing.

Don’t be Afraid to Abuse the Skill Point System

As you progress, the skills you’ll want also increase in cost. While it might make sense to sit on two or three points in hopes of getting a fourth, you can just spend them on literally anything and then decrease the level after that mission and get the points back for free. This might not make a huge difference but any advantage is better than nothing.