Granblue Fantasy: Versus – How to Unlock Color Variations and Weapon Skins

Unlike most games, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has a good number of hidden unlockables, which can be used in the main game. These include different colors and unique weapon designs, which adds a certain sense of fun to each fight. However, unlocking these items can be confusing and a bit tedious, so we made a quick guide explaining how to unlock them.

Editor’s Note: DLC characters in Granblue Fantasy: Versus unlock their colors and weapon skins the same way as default characters.

Alternate Colors

While you can unlock a characters fifth color by beating their arcade mode, it’s far simpler to just beat RPG mode. Among the various things you unlock, there will be the option to buy colors five through eight from Siero’s Shop. Each color costs 1,200 Rupies, meaning it requires a pretty significant investment to unlock them all.

Weapon Skins

Every character starts with their first weapon unlocked, with the remaining six being unlockables in RPG mode. However, unlike the additional colors, these are a bit involved.

Unlocking Vyrn Weapons

The second unlockable weapons are designed around Vyrn. Despite being something of a novelty, each requires you complete a quest with no description. Currently all the requirements are known besides Lancelot and the two newly released DLC characters.

  • Gran: Have both characters use the Phalanx support skill and achieve 100% damage cut three times. Achieve 100% damage cut 3 times.
  • Katalina: Beat Katalina with a Vyrn weapon equipped.
  • Lancelot: Currently unknown but many have randomly unlocked it, myself included.
  • Charlotta: When you enter the shop, listen to the full dialogue before selecting anything.
  • Percival: Sell four SSR weapons.
  • Ferry: Lose four times.
  • Ladiva: As Ladiva, taunt three separate times.
  • Metera: Manually skip 20 cutscenes.
  • Lowain: As Lowain, beat Yggdrasil without any help.
  • Zeta: Defeat Beat Proto Bahamut three times as Zeta.
  • Vaseraga: Clear 5 missions with no partner or support skills equipped.

Weapons three through seven

For the remaining weapons, you just need to obtain specific ones through draws or the forge in RPG mode. Considering draw is entirely random, your best bet will be to simply forge whatever weapons you want. For R weapons, you must forge them with an item you can get for completing various tasks in a given mission. The remaining items are limited to hard battles with either bosses or playable characters. Please note, while the quickest way to unlock those weapons is by getting S rank, it’s entirely possible to get the resources needed through drops.