Games to play this Halloween for Switch

As we are fast approaching Halloween, there are those kind of gamers who will go trick-or-treating while others will simply just stay home and play. For those who have a Nintendo Switch, they have the option to either play on-the-go or play anywhere and what a better way to spend Halloween by playing its top horror games.

For the Nintendo Switch, there is a vast library of horror games and we are only recommending five that is a must-have to play this Halloween:

1. Resident Evil games

Halloween Games - Resident Evil Games

The majority of all Resident Evil games that were previously released on other consoles has finally been ported for the Nintendo Switch. With the recently released Resident Evil 5, and 6, a better way to spend the Halloween week is by playing through the Chris and Sheva’s adventure with Resident Evil 5 or go through the episodic chapters in Resident Evil 6 with Chris, Leon, or Jake. If you rather go with the classic survival-horror type, there is the first Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4. Sorry folks, there’s no Resident Evil 2 remake yet on the Switch!

2. Outlast I and II

Halloween Games - Outlast 1 and 2

For more real survival-horror games, another recommendation to play this Halloween is the critically-acclaimed Outlast I and II. Sure, there is not a lot of shooting involved but the sole experience of exploring and getting those scares will be something that only Outlast can deliver.

3. Layers of Fear

Halloween Games - Layers of Fear

Want a psychological-horror thriller? The recently ported Layers of Fear is something you should look forward to playing this Halloween. Just like Outlast, the game is mostly letting you experience the game through exploration.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Halloween Games - Luigi's Mansion 3

On the day of Halloween, the highly-anticipated Luigi’s Mansion 3 will finally be available, allowing long-time fans to do ghost-busting once again but this time in a new Hotel where Luigi must rescue Mario and his friends. If you have loved Luigi’s Mansion and have always longed for its sequel, a must-buy game on the day of Halloween is Luigi’s Mansion 3.

5. Vampyr

Halloween Games - Vampyr

During Halloween week, another port that is coming to the Switch that is quite good is Focus Interactive’s Vampyr. As a newly turned Vampyr, you have two options, find a cure to save the city or feed to survive.