The Surge 2 – It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers! Trophy/Achievement Guide

Arguably the worst part of The Surge was the quest structure. The choices or chain of events didn’t always make the most sense and a lot of people accidentally did the wrong things. This quest is a fantastic example of why this is so bad and it’s a shame The Surge 2 decided to go with it. With that being said, unlike me, you’ll at least have a guide to get one of the most annoying trophies in The Surge 2. Here’s our The Surge 2 It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers! Trophy/Achievement guide.

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of The Surge 2, I can’t guarantee the conditions to make the quest giver appear, though I think it happens if you obtain 50+ audio logs, talk to the vending machine and obtain all the audio logs from him.

Getting the Quest

After defeating Major General Ezra Shields a number of things will change in The Surge 2. Among the myriad of changes is Kyle Baxter appearing in the Cloud 9 bar (it’s in the hotel). If you listed to the audio logs you unlock from the vending machine quest, you’ll know Kyle Baxter played Iron Maus in the in-universe series of movies. To get the quest, you absolutely must agree to team up with him. Telling him no will result in him deciding to do it on his own and it won’t work out. After that you can continue to the Citadel of The Spark.

Surge 2 It Lives

Finding Iron Maus

Assuming you did everything right, you should hear Kyle Baxter announce his presence at the start of the level. If not, verify you have the quest, possibly go back and talk to him or reload and try again. While there doesn’t seem to be a time limit, I didn’t actually find him until after I defeated the boss, it’s a lot easier if you go to his secret hideout.

Despite it being in plain sight, it’s incredibly easy to overlook. From the safe zone you want to go right and to the right of the magnetic lift is a path that leads to the base. Kyle Baxter will be there in full Iron Maus gear and explain that this is your secret base. You want to tell him you want him to help and he will be delighted at the idea of assisting you in battle, to the point where he will tell you to find his mark by vanquished foes.

Surge 2 It Lives

Finding the Iron Maus Tag

The enemy he defeats is located roughly halfway through the second drainage section. If this is confusing, just take the zipline down, go forward and it should happen though normal progression.

Even if you don’t notice the tag, Kyle will make it perfectly clear he was there and inform you he wants you to come back to the base. Either finish the section and then go there or just head back to your base.

Return to Base

This is the part that makes the quest so frustrating. If you tell Kyle Baxter to continue aiding you he will turn off dead at the top of the Citadel. You’ll earn his weapon, which is better than nothing, but not what you need to do. Instead, tell him that he did his part and can go. Kyle will be delighted to hear that, come up with a lame rationalization about how he did more than others and tell you to go to the comic book shop.

Comic Book Shop

Here Kyle will tell you he is happy to be done with it and will give you the weapon, along with the full set of armor. Please note, the armor does not pop up like the weapon, it just appears as an item obtained on the bottom right. Finally, equip the armor to unlock the trophy/achievement.

Video Guide

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