Resident Evil 2 Guide – Hip Pouch Locations

In the Resident Evil 2 remake, you start off with a very limited inventory space but there will be an opportunity later on to expand it by looking out for an item called the Hip Pouch.

For every Hip Pouch that you find in both scenarios, two slots will be added. Since there will be times that you will get a lot of items, it will be hard to manage your inventory especially when the inventory box is not always at a convenient location.

There are a total of six hip pouches that are obtainable and if you are to get them all, that’s a total of 12 slots being added to your inventory. Now, without further ado, here’s the hip pouch locations:

The West Office Safe

Resident Evil 2 Guide Hip Pouch Location 01

The first hip pouch that you can get is located in The West Office inside of the Raccoon City Police Department. You will need to open the safe with this combination: Left 9, Right 15, and Left 7. Upon opening it, you will see your first hip pouch.

Locker Room

Just outside the West Office is the Locker Room. Inside one of those lockers is the Hip Pouch that you can get by accessing the terminal. Sadly, you will need be able to get it right off the bat as the terminal is not working and you have to find a spare button key to make it work. Once you find it, you will be able to open the locker containing the pouch.

West Storage Room

Resident Evil 2 Guide Hip Pouch Location 03

Inside of the Raccoon City Police Department, head to the West Storage Room, in the third floor. Head through the West Office and past the locker room and head all the way up to the stairs. Along the hallway you will find a junk filled room. Inside you will find a table, open it and you will get the Hip Pouch.

Operator’s Room

Just right after defeating the G-Virus for the first time inside the RCPD, explore the area around to find yourself the fourth Hip Pouch.

Workroom – Sewer Area

The fifth hip pouch is located outside the RCPD. When you come across the Sewer Area, you will find the Workroom (refer to your map). Sadly, the room is locked and you will need a key to open it. The key is something you will find as you play through and once you find it, go back to this room and you will find the hip pouch.


The last Hip Pouch that you can get in Resident Evil 2 is located in the underground secret lab of Umbrella just below Raccoon City. To get it, you will be needing the Signal Modulator. Use it in the Nap Room to open the doors and once it’s opened, pick up the Hip Pouch.