Resident Evil 2 Guide – How to Easily Achieve S Rank

In Resident Evil 2, every scenario with Leon or Claire has some kind of ranking. Your rank is typically determined by a number of parameters, such as saves or obtaining weapons. However, these parameters are not given, meaning players have to figure them out themselves or try a number of things to achieve the ideal score. Thankfully, for those uninterested in spending hours doing trial and error, the requirements have been figured out and are listed below.

While previous titles used things like the aforementioned save count or items obtained, Resident Evil 2 simply wants players to complete things within a specific period of time.


  • Scenario A: Less than 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Scenario B: 3 hours or less


  • Scenario A: Within 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Scenario B: 2 hours or less

Since this is a remake of the original game, this is something players will likely only achieve on a second or later play through. However, those looking for a challenge can attempt to do it on their first try, though it might impact your enjoyment. The easiest way to achieve the desired time is by ignoring enemies, doing limited exploration and/or going from point A to B as quickly as possible. Naturally, this isn’t the best way to experience a game like Resident Evil, though certainly an accomplishment for anyone who manages to finish on their first attempt.

Finally, for those looking for a reason to bother with S rank, there are rewards for achieving it. If you get S rank in both scenarios you’ll receive infinite ammo, though it is limited to the Samurai Edge pistol and LE 5 submachine gun on Hardcore. Sure, it isn’t the best reward but certainly nice to see these return as a bonus for those willing to put in the time to devise the quickest route to the end.