Official Resident Evil 2 Remake Merchandise To Be Released By Numskull Designs

Capcom has officially partnered up with Numskull Designs in order to release several new merchandise items for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake that will be out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this January. Loads of new merchandise items have already been announced.

Announced today is that Capcom and Numskull Designs will be releasing a new scented candle as well as an official pin just to name a few. You can read more via the Resident Evil 2 press release that was issued out by Capcom below.

Resident Evil 2 fans can feel like they’re part of the action with the official scented candle and R.P.D. pin badge, can look the part with snapbacks and t-shirts, and can join in on the action with a flashlight keychain inspired by the flashlight used by Leon and Claire throughout the game.

Resident Evil 2 Zombie Scented Candle

Following the success of Numskull’s official Resident Evil 7 scented candle, this is truly a one of a kind collectible for fans of the world’s best survival-horror franchise.

With the curious, distinctive scent of the undead, this is an incredibly unique collectible that deserves its place in every fan’s home. Only the bravest of Raccoon City residents light it up while playing Resident Evil 2 for that immersive smell of a deadly zombie horde!

Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. Collector’s Pin

Become a member of the force with this official collector’s R.P.D. pin badge, inspired by the Raccoon City Police Department officer’s badge! Displayed in a Raccoon City Police presentation box, this large pin badge is designed for long-time fans and newcomers alike. Whether you keep it in its display box or wear it with pride, your authority as a Resident Evil expert cannot be denied.

You can also get more merchandise by visiting the official website. A list of items you can get have been highlighted.

Full Range

–          R.P.D. Steel Mug
–          Resident Evil 2 Pin Set
–          Flashlight Keychain
–          ‘Made in Heaven’ Keychain
–          ‘Made in Heaven’ T-shirt
–          R.P.D. T-shirt
–          R.P.D. Snapback