Naughty Dog Promises The Last of Us 2 Won’t Suffer Any Graphical Downgrades

When games are revealed at E3, some gamers are skeptical because the end product ends up looking worse in comparison. Well Naughty Dog is promising the full version of The Last of Us 2 won’t be suffering any graphical downgrades whenever they decide to release the full game.

During an interview with JeuxVideo (via Gamingbolt), gameplay designer Emilia Schatz said that the graphics we saw at E3 should resemble what we see in the final game.

She said the following: “It is running on a PS4 Pro. There’s no plans to downgrade the game, no. That’s basically how we hope it will appear.”

Emilia Schatz also hinted that Ellie might not be the only playable character in the full game. She said for now all they are showing is Ellie as the main character, but that could change in the near future. This might give fans some hope that Joel is still alive!