E3 2018: Jump Force Looks to be Quite the Fighter Once More Characters are Added

Even though it isn’t a great game like Dragon Ball FighterZ, a lot of people have a special place for the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series. Instead of being an amazing fighter, it focused on giving fans a fun, albeit hollow, experience across a variety of characters. I got a similar impression from Jump Force, after thinking it was everythingJ-Stars Victory VS should’ve been.

Once you accept the premise, their world is coming together with ours and that brings new troubles, you get a simple fighter that is replies heavily on established characters and flash. Before you assume this is a bad thing, it’s more so an interesting choice that brings the world of Jump to life. Instead of simply punching an opponent into the water or through a building, there are brief cutscenes where things explode, there is impact and the force of the blow is on full display.

Likewise, transformations, notable attacks and other important moves are given more complicated animations to highlight their significance. Likewise, there is good attention to detail, with Sasuke using Susanno to attack and defend, Naruto transforming and even Zoro busting out three swords.

Unfortunately, the demo is on the short side and is more of a teaser than one representative of the final product. There was talk that this one will be somewhat story driven and plenty of characters to pull from that, based off what was shown, is enough to be cautiously optimistic.