Monster Hunter: World – How to Start the Kulve Taroth Siege, Rewards and More

This week Monster Hunter: World truly capitalized on the online concept by implementing a raid boss or at least something similar to one. The idea is simple. Upon finding an item and unlocking the event, an online session has to work together to break the formidable monster’s horns and collect unique and special loot. However, like a lot of things in Monster Hunter: World, getting to the fight is half the battle.

Unlocking Siege Quests

To unlock the quest you need to find one of Kulve Taroth’s tracks during a side quest or expedition. While I’ve read multiple locations having it, I suggest just going to the Ancient Forest and seeing if you can find it in the first area. It should appear at the location pictured, though you might need to load it a few times to find it.

Once you have the item, you’ll be told to talk to the Admiral, who will appear in the starting area upon your return. There will be a brief explanation of what is going on with Kulve Taroth, ending with players being tasked with breaking it’s horns.


After this head to the gathering hub and you’ll receive a brief tutorial, followed by a new option for the quest. If no one on your instance is fighting Kulve Taroth, simply load another room, ideally one with 13 or more players, until you find an active room.

Fighting Kulve Taroth

Kulve Taroth takes place in a modified Elder’s Recess with gold everywhere and new pets, enemies and things to discover. It won’t take long to find Kulve Taroth and the fight itself will be similar to Radobaan. There are a lot of things to break, with the main idea being push Kulve Taroth back and then break it’s horns. Kulve Taroth will retreat when you break it’s horns and that will give you the ability to redeem collected loot and get unique prizes.

Collecting Rewards

Upon defeat or quitting the room, you can return to the gathering hub and you’ll have a new option to redeem loot. This is filled with the usual stuff and also some damaged weapons. If you decide you don’t want to sell the weapons, a new screen will appear that will let you appraise them. After this you’ll get a variety of new weapons, which seem to be reskins of other weapons.

In my case I did walk away with the or at least one of the rank 8 dual blades, which looks like the missing piece to the ore tree. Some of the other weapons were gold versions of other sets, giving players a bit of style. There is also two sets of armor and a Palico set, though the former sets require multiple gems, including two from Kulve Taroth.