Naughty Dog Has Already Done A Playtest For The Last of Us 2

It appears development for The Last of Us 2 is going at a steady rate because Naughty Dog has reportedly already done a playtest for the game. This means the game is at a playable state so hopefully we can see some actual gameplay footage from the game sometime later this year.

The Last of Us 2 voice actor Troy Baker shared an update on the game’s progress at the MCM Comic Con event as reported by GamingBolt. During the panel, he confirmed that Naughty Dog has done a playtest for the game and he says everything is looking “awesome” so far. He also said the story as well as the look of the game is “fantastic” thus far too.

Sadly, there’s still no definite release date for the game but it’s expected it will be out sometime in 2019. The game is a sequel to the first The Last of Us game which won multiple awards when it came out for the PS3 console in 2013. The game was so successful, it was remastered on PS4 just one year after.

The Last of Us 2 will be exclusive to PS4 and PS4 Pro and it could be one of the most highly anticipated video games of all time. Hopefully the first gameplay footage of the game is shown later this year at E3 2018. Sadly, the game was missing at E2 2017 for some reason.