PSA: Monster Hunter World Version 1.5 Patches Decoration Duplication Glitch

Today Capcom released a new patch for Monster Hunter: World that, among various changes, removes the recently discovered decoration duplication glitch.

The glitch, which required players to put whatever decorations they wanted to duplicate on a set of armor, save it as a load out, remove them, start a mission, go into the tent and then equip via load out, created a situation where users could essentially break Monster Hunter: World‘s end game grind. Not only could users duplicate their best decorations, giving their builds significantly more power in mere minutes, it also allowed them to stockpile a reserve to use with the first wyverian ritual to potentially gain other helpful decorations.

Those interested in exploiting the glitch will be able to if they don’t update the game, something that you can opt out of, play offline until you get your fill or until you want to play with others. It’s also important to note that anyone on any updated version of Monster Hunter: World can’t delete the game/patch and use it, though anyone who starts on the base game can make use of this exploit, assuming you want to put in the time to unlock decorations solo.

Some other changes include reducing slashberry count from 60 to 30, decreasing slice damage -reports indicate about 10 percent reduction-, other ammos, besides dragon, were buffed and more.