Wild Guns: Reloaded is a New Twist on an Old Genre

Rail gun games can be a lot of fun, but they’re a dying breed. Recently we’ve seen less and less in favor of first/third person shooters. This is a natural progression, but still somewhat sad. However, Wild Guns: Reloaded takes the concept and adds a new twist to it.

Wild Guns: Reloaded is essentially a rail gun game where you can move your characters. Even though enemies appear like clockwork, players need to dodge bullets, while also hitting them. The challenge is, most characters can’t move when they shoot, so attacking leaves you defenseless and vice versa. It makes for an interesting concept, that is harder than you might think.

While it isn’t the most deep game around, the various characters have their own advantages and disadvantages with plenty of detail. The big thing that stood out is the ability to interact with the environment. Be it a bottle or a water tower, there are secrets to find and things to see, making it look like a must for rail shooter fans.