E3 2017: Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is Good, But Also Worrying

It’s easy to get excited for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Many beloved characters are back, including X and Zero, along with some new faces. While it goes without saying Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is a lot of the same, at least on the surface, some of the changes are both good and bad.

For the E3 demo I got a chance to experience Ultron, Captain Marvel and the frequently skipped Thanos. Ultron was surprisingly fast, making for easy combos and quick moves. Ultron also has some moves similar to Iron Man’s unibeam, that fire at angles. As for Captain Marvel, she was equally fast, but her moves didn’t feel as strong or easy to combo with as Ultron. This is likely due to a lack of understanding of how she plays or luck with Ultra, but it definately made her feel like a weaker character. Finally there is Thanos, who is more of a heavy hitter. The trick isn’t to get combos per se, but to get a couple good hits in and playing smart.

The biggest chance is the new infinity stone system. The idea is to use an ability, which will do things like increase your attack or bring your opponent closer, allowing for comebacks and smarter plays. While these are fine for a period, the demo had them last entirely too long. Instead of a brief period to mount your offensive, it’s a rather lengthy move that gives your opponent ample opportunity to defeat you or simply plan out their attack.

That aside, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looks to be a sequel fans will enjoy. Combos were generally fluid and the controls were good. Even with a controller I had little to no issue inputting attacks. Needless to say, unless you’re a huge fan, I would suggest checking out the demo, as it looks to be a good start, but some of the choices might turn players off.