Atlas Reactor Review

Atlas Reactor is a free-to-play multiplayer turn-based PVP game from Trion Worlds. For some people, they might think that is one of those games that copies DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Fortunately, it’s far from those games as Atlas Reactor is something unique that primarily focuses in being strategic and as well chaotic when you get into a match. With so many games that I have played online, I must say that Atlas Reactor is a memorable experience that will stick in my mind for quite a while.

First and foremost, Atlas Reactor feels like a burden during the tutorial mode. Since this is a new game, you must really have to play the Tutorial mode to learn the basics, otherwise you’ll find yourself lost if you jump right away into a match. For me, it took me a while to get into the controls and the concepts of the entire game. It’s pretty much confusing at first but if you give the game a chance to explain what the game is all about and all of its mechanics, it’s guaranteed that this game will be something you will be playing for hours with friends or anyone online.


The gameplay of Atlas Reactor is unique. For those who have played games like XCOM, playing this game will somewhat make your life easier. The premise of the game is that you team up with 4 people and fight against 4 people in a one small battlefield. Instead of real-time like other games that many have played, the gameplay is purely strategic. You must use your strategic skills and formulate your moves. The game is pretty much turn-based but you only have about 20 seconds to react, or your turn will be missed. There are four different phases that you will need to understand; Prep Phase, Dash Phase, Blast Phase, and the Move Phase. In the game, it’s all about taking turns and waiting for your own turn, but don’t worry it’s fast as each match can take anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

In the Prep Phase, it’s all about preparing for the upcoming attack of an enemy. Assuming you are a healer and you see your teammates to be almost dying, the Prep Phase will allow you to act first and heal them directly. If you’re not a healer but you’re a support character and you see your enemies in all one place, you can put a trap that can injure them. Or if you are the buffer, you can buff your character to get the maximum damage output. As for the Dash Phase, it will give you a chance to dodge a potential attack from an enemy. If a certain situation happens where all of your enemies suddenly pops on your screen and it’s your turn to make an action, you can Dash out from the area to avoid possibly of getting mobbed by the enemies. If all things are good, you then will go into Blast Phase where you will now have to unleash all of your firepower. Once that’s done, you then go with the Movement phase, allowing you to move to a new area and prepare for an all new attack. As mentioned earlier, these phases can be confusing at first and may dismay some, but as I mentioned earlier, give it time.

Once you’ve fully grasped the gameplay and the mechanics, you’ll definitely have fun with the game, especially with all of the characters that you can use. Unfortunately, not all will be unlocked as you will have to buy them. Yes, the game is free but Trion Worlds is offering different packs to choose from that you can buy. Each pack contains characters, skins, emojis, and some equipment. What makes the game fun is you can be one of the three available class; Firepower, who is obviously the DPS, the Frontline, which acts like the Tank in the group, or the Support that will pretty much back your character with heals. Regardless of what class you choose, you’ll definitely love playing them as each has their own unique talents and skills.


With games like this, communication is a key. Thanks to an app or program called Discord, talking with your team mates are now easier. Integrated with the game, communicating with other players is just one click away. It’s definitely helpful to have Discord as the game definitely needs communication and team work for them to win a round.

Similar to other games that play like Atlas Reactor, expect some character customization in the game. From the 21 Freelancers (characters) that are available, each of them can be equipped with skins and among other things that makes your character stand out in battle. Unfortunately, you will have to dish out money to unlock all 21 Freelancers or you’ll be stuck with the free characters that have limited skills and abilities. If you’re one of those people that love customization, there are skins to unlock in the game as you progress.


As far visuals goes, they’re pretty good looking and can be compared to the characters of Overwatch. Yes, the 21 Freelancers that you get to play as have their own unique look and designs. The game is colorful and the effects are good enough for this game. For its battlefield, it’s not that big but there are a lot going on on the map itself like many obstacles, cover to use by your Freelancers and a lot more. If there’s one thing that I am dismayed about, that would be the amount of maps available, but Trion Worlds said that more are coming in the coming weeks/months.


Atlas Reactor is an addicting game that many will guarantee to enjoy if they get past the tutorial and get the full grasp of the concept and mechanics of the game. I must say that the game is quite unique and offers a few innovative features to a PvP online-multiplayer game. It’s not DOTA 2 or League of Legends but it has qualities to make the game standout on its own.

[Editor’s Note: Atlas Reactor was reviewed on the PC platform. The game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]