Bloodborne’s Upcoming Patch Detailed

Bloodborne Patch

When Bloodborne expansion, The Old Hunters, releases on November 24, a new patch will be Bloodborne PlayStation Blog for download that adds new features to the game aside from the expansion itself.

One of the new features in the upcoming patch is the introduction of The League:

The League is a band of Hunters who have taken an oath and are bound by a single purpose. By aligning yourself to The League, led by a mysterious figure in a constable’s garb and bucket helmet, you can assist other players online in the game and compete in The League’s online rankings leaderboard.

Aside from The League, players can also summon NPCs that can aid you in battle:

In addition to The League, players will also be able to use The League cane and summon co-op NPCs within the game, perfect for tackling challenging areas and bosses.

As for new weapons, Sony showcased one of the new weapons called ‘Moonlight Sword’ (pictured above). There are many new weapons that you can get in the game and the ‘Moonlight Sword’ is only one of them.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will be available on November 24 for the PlayStation 4. The base game is required to play the expansion. No Bloodborne yet? You can buy the game and pre-order the DLC for only $49.99 Bloodborne.