Twitch Plays Pokemon Graduates To The DS With Pokemon Platinum

Twitch Plays Pokemon

After managing to defeat Pokemon FireRed, even with all the insaneness of the randomizer, Twitch Plays Pokemon has finally graduated from the Game Boy generations and moved onto Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS. Of course this brings a whole slew of new possibilities, especially with the introduction of touchscreen mechanics of the game.

The journey through Sinnoh just began last night, with the first male trainer being chosen in awhile and Chimchar as the starter. By entering specific coordinates on the touch screen, you can use those in the game, as well as the X and Y buttons that are new to the series on the DS.

Not only is this game going on, but the side of the stream has a Pokemon Stadium betting game ongoing that you can participate in through the chat as well. The screen is a little too jumbled for my liking now, but there is definitely plenty to see. Feel free to check out the stream for yourself right here.