Panzer General Online Launches Online Beta Starting Today

Panzer General Online

The Panzer General series of turn-based strategy games has been around dating back to 1994, spanning across the PC, Xbox 360, and even board games. This time around, Blue Byte has taken over with a browser based version known as Panzer General Online, which has been in closed beta for awhile. Luckily, Ubisoft has now revealed that the game has finally hit open beta.

For those interested, you will have the opportunity to try out both single player and multiplayer matches, both of which will be improved upon through patches through this open beta and after launch of the official game in the future. If you have participated in the closed beta, you will receive two exclusive tanks for use in the open beta, one for the US army and one for the German army.

You can check out more details about Panzer General Online as well as trying it out for yourself right here on the official website. The official trailer for the game can also be seen below: