The Last Of Us ‘Reclaimed Territories’ DLC Is Available Today

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While The Last Of Us just had a remaster announced for the PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog wasn’t quite done with the original version for PlayStation 3 quite yet. A few months ago we got the much awaited “Left Behind” narrative DLC and now we are finally receiving the final piece of DLC for the game titled “Reclaimed Territories.”

For those looking for more story DLC here, you will be disappointed, but you will still get some quality content here. For multiplayer, you will receive four new map packs, four new weapons, as well as eight new player survival skills. However, single player isn’t being left out as the brand new “Grounded” difficulty has been added to the game, which is the most difficult experience you will ever find in the game.

Look for this new DLC today through the PlayStation Store for $9.99, or free to download if you already own the Season Pass. Check out the launch trailer for the new DLC below: