Rumor: Suikoden II May Be Coming To PlayStation 3

Suikoden II

The Suikoden series is still one of the most respected RPG series around, up there with the top tier franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Sadly, the series has been pretty much dead for awhile now, but we may be seeing the re-release of one of the PlayStation 1 classics in the series on the PlayStation 3 soon.

Recently, a rating by the ESRB was found for Suikoden II on PlayStation 3 with SCEA as the publisher. Fans have been asking for re-release of this game for years and it was looking like their wishes may finally be granted. However, the rating was removed soon after being found and now shows up as only null. Hopefully this is just a case of the ESRB jumping the gun with the posting of the rating instead of Suikoden II not coming to PSN at all.