Troy Baker Talks Future Of The Last Of Us And Batman: Arkham Knight

Troy Baker

Troy Baker is easily becoming one of the most in-demand voice actors on the market, with his recent stand-out roles as Joel in The Last of Us and Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins. Now, he is discussing the future of both of those franchises and his potential role in them.

Of course [I’d come back]. What I love again is they’re not going to tell a story if they don’t have one to tell. The Last of Us is not a money grab. Left Behind, that DLC, is something that was very very specific and served a purpose. I loved it, I thought it was two of the best hours of gameplay that I’ve had in a long time. If there’s a role for me in something in the future to do with The Last of Us, absolutely I would do it, twice on Sunday.

Baker also voiced Two-Face in the Batman: Arkham series in the past, so it would seem likely that he’d return to the role in the recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight considering Two-Face plays a part in the game. When asked, Baker said “Two-Face is back and Arkham Knight is coming out,” so it seems pretty likely that he will be reprising the role.