Shin’en Announces Art Of Balance For Wii U

Art of Balance (2)

has been around for awhile, but has never ventured outside of Nintendo, as they are an official third-party developer for the company. They have released one game for the Wii U thus far, with another already announced for 2014, but that is not all as they have now announced Art of Balance for the Wii U.

This game will utilize the GamePad with unique physics-based gameplay, as you can see in the list of features below.

Endless Puzzle Fun – Play 200 levels spread across 8 worlds, each with its own unique lounge style. Four additional players can join in at any time and help you solve the puzzles.

-Arcade Mode – Rotate and place all available shapes to build a balanced stack. Watch out: Don’t let any shape fall into the water!
-2-Player Versus Play and Online Play – Challenge a friend at home in a split-screen head-to-head match or simply go online to find a challenger. Who can solve the puzzles faster?
-Special Challenges – Test yourself in Balance Challenges, Height Challenges and Time Challenges for extra points! Unlock all the awards.
-Endurance Mode – Reach for the hiscore and prove yourself on the Online Leaderboards!
-Tower Tumble – Who will topple the tower first? Play with up to 4 friends.
-Play your own style – Play on your Wii U GamePad or on TV. Use touch controls, Wii Remotes or the GamePad analog sticks.

You can also view a few images of the game in the gallery below: