Fable Anniversary Review

Fable Anniversary 01

Fable Anniversary is the HD port of the original Fable that was released on the Xbox and PC over a decade ago. Back then, Fable was considered as one of the best action-RPGs on consoles as it offered something unique to the genre where players had control of their character growth by making decisions for them. Gamers who missed out on Fable back can now delve in the world of Albion in full HD with improvements on its visuals, audio and a few new content.

Fable starts off with the main character who is mute whom everyone thinks has the potential to become a great hero who will save Albion. In his early childhood, the village that he resides was burnt down by bandits where all of his family died except for him. Someone from the Hero’s Guild adopted the mute hero and trained him to become the man he wants to be. As players go through the character’s personal growth, expect to see a story of revenge and redemption. While trekking the perilous journey ahead, the hero of Albion has the freedom to do anything he pleases like killing townspeople if he desires to be evil, help people in need if he desires to be an angel or just have fun in the towns player will be venturing to. For a RPG game, Fable offers a lot of things that very few RPG offers- customization and freedom to do things that affect the outcome of your choices.

Fable Anniversary 02

The combat system in Fable feels dated. Back when I first played it on the original Xbox, the controls were not polished enough. Hoping that Fable Anniversary will most likely have fixed or improved the clumsy controls introduced on the original game, boy I was disappointed since nothing is changed. For those who are new to the game, the combat of Fable is somewhat of a hack and slash gameplay with the ability to use ranged or magic attacks.

Just like in any other RPGs, there are a lot of quests that Fable introduces. In Fable Anniversary, players will be pleased that the Lost Chapter content that wasn’t included in the original releases will be included in this game. Those who are hoping for more quests will be pleased with Lost Chapter as it expands the original Fable, thus adding more hours to the gameplay. Quests in Fable are not that exciting but they sure add more gameplay time to those who want to prolong the game. The quests that are available varies from fetching items, making decisions if you want to be evil or good, or simply slaying monsters. Doing them is not really necessary but if you want to get gold or items, you will most likely be persuade to do them.